Writing Resume

Dear readers, Namaste! That one company I was looking for has posted a job opening and this time I should not miss this opportunity. I need to update my resume and send it as soon as possible. I am just not understanding how do I change and make my resume. If all this is happening with you then you have landed at right place. I believe most of you are here to understand how do I create a resume to apply for a particular job. Just a small part about myself you must know. I have been making resumes since … Continue reading Writing Resume

Pangat System of Eating food.

While I always attended any functions. I remember in my childhood days we used to eat in Pangat system. What is this pangat system? Like today we have banquet halls and buffet gala diners earlier there used to be a function area and then there used to be this dinning area. Everyone in olden days used to wash their hands and come and sit. There is a system who sits in first line up. Pangat cooks will always finish first eating the food. Later as event guests kids, elderly people, women and helping people will sit in the pangat lines. … Continue reading Pangat System of Eating food.

Understanding Food

According to Ayurveda there should be 06 raas in food. Or 06 tastes in food. Those are Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, Bitter and Astringent like. Now lets take a quick run on what these tastes are. Sweet everyone knows It should be purest form than the processed form. Sour means like tamarind or lemon. Salty we all know. Spice is like green chilly taste or jalapeno. Bitter is like bitter gourd or pure cocoa like taste and Astringent taste is if you have tasted goose berries or alum. All the time we were doing it wrong. Food is not by count of proteins, or calories count. It should have all these 06 tastes mentioned. Continue reading Understanding Food

Most appropriate solution for Covid 19 situation.

My blog is to think of solution and not just sit and wait for someone to think of solution. Making mistake is OK! but Not learning from it, is bigger mistake! But we have all ready paid huge price for the mistake. In the form of losses in life and then in global economy. Our war is not with each other but it is with unseen warrior. The early we identify it better will be for us to handle it with no more losses. Continue reading Most appropriate solution for Covid 19 situation.

Earthquake and its measures! Depreme

Hi all, I am Mrs. Kanchan Vikram – Zemse. I am a Geologist. I would like to tell you some facts of Earthquake. I have picked stuff from internet to make you understand (layman language) how does it occurs and most importantly how to be safe. This presentation is just for education and understanding purpose. Make sure that your kids also read it. I have tried to prepare this presentation in most simplified ways and with images. which will help you to understand certain facts. No matter whatever preparations we do, it is really difficult, if we all are in … Continue reading Earthquake and its measures! Depreme

Turkey Tourism Everything in one page!

Namaste, Disclaimer: The intent of this blog is to produce information for education. If you are using any products or services advertised in this blog, you will be sole responsible to get the benefits of products and services. Vari won’t be responsible towards the quality and promises or any other issues that are between you and the Offeror. Information is an idealistic situation for a tourist. I am a Geo-tourism blogger. I write blogs on visiting beautiful places around world. I write on the places that I have personally visited. I have visited many places in Turkey during my stay. … Continue reading Turkey Tourism Everything in one page!


Namaste, There are different modes of meditation, Bhakti yoga, Kirtan yoga or Mind focusing on breathe. Meditation helps you to get rid of routine thoughts that keeps wishers cycle running  inside your mind. It’s easy to put a routine to your body or achieve something physically but stabilizing mind in one place is really difficult. Follow your own method to relax your thoughts of future and past. There is no hard and fast way in bhakti yoga. You can devote in your own religious beliefs or deity/ power whom you get easily connected with mind. All the worries inside your … Continue reading Meditation