Yoga with Kanchan Vikram Part 2


I am teaching Yoga since past 5 years in Istanbul (European)Turkey.

Monday Wednesday Friday (MWF)

08:00-09:20 am and 10:00-11:20
Better early morning, empty stomach.

T-Th 9:00-10:20
Combination of power yoga 40 minutes and full joint warm up and all sets 40 minutes.

Empty stomach is good for Yoga. Which means without eating and drinking or also passing motion in the morning. It helps in ease of physical movements and breathe control.

Having personal Yoga mat is highly recommended as it has all your own energies.

Sipping water in between is fine if needed.

For person with long hair better tie and do not keep it hanging on face. As people tend to keep jerkig neck in exercise which is dangerous.

Easy/Loose cotton clothes are best.

Thin jacket is must.

No over powering and pressuring yourself while performing Yoga. Sometimes you may tend to push your limit and improve or compare with other yogies. As gradually you do Yoga maybe breathing or physical asanas everything should be easy and relaxed. Your body will eventually start taking shape. If you are overweight or underweight it does not matter. You will get into shape!

First we begin with meditation. So that you close all the thoughts that you came with and applications running inside mind with also getting rid of physical distractions ( sound, smell, taste, temperature, wind, stability of body in one position without much of disturbances etc. )

When we do breathing exercises these are basically kriyas or techniques with which you calm down your body and mind. Slowly go deep into feel of your own body and how is the feel of internal energy. In breathing exercises, technique is very important. You will always have different ways to do a particular exercise. Instead of experimenting multiple ways understand and try to master the technique.

Then we do second set of meditation, post breathing exercises. Here removing physical distractions and entering within oneself and stabilizing your mind becomes easy.

Then full body joints warmup and more asanas.

Joint warmup will help movements of all the joints, eventually leading to flexibility and strength in muscles.

Again 3rd set of Meditation and then Shavasana. Here you can feel complete connectivity with body and mind and feel your own soul.

Here irrespective of season you have to wear a jacket or thin cotton shirt if it is summer. Your body temperature should not drop down suddenly. It has to come to normal room temperature or body temperature very slowly and gradually.

Aslo you should not lie down or drink water immediately after high intensity workout. Where your breathe and heartrate is high. Sit for a while let your body and mind relax and then proceed.

Post completing Shavasan is needed exercise. Shav literally means dead body. You’ve to let your full body feel boundless. Then there is technique do achieve it and also to come out of it.

I see all my students happy within and where they are not smiling nor they look sad but they just do a Namaste gesture and thank me! This last part I never taught but it happens naturally by all my students.

Here I have skipped certain major factors as I want you to experience it and not just try to feel just because I said this will happen to you in the blog.

For those who have never done Yoga before have this fear about different poses and postures.

Even if you’re beginner no need to worry. I have students practicing with me since 4 and half years who never did yoga before.

Trust me with regular 3 days or 2days of a week roughly within 4 months your body will start taking shape.

You will not do all the actions on day 1 or in 2-3 weeks. Body takes time to adapt to new routines. For those who are already into some kind of fitness form or regime it is bit easier to perform physical activities.

Some of my students experiences

1) A lady taking sleeping pills for past 25 years messaged me post completion of 3 sessions that she slept last night without taking any pill. ( No doctor must have recommended this medication)

2) One of my student she had frozen shoulder due to playing games on mobile in one side lying down position. She tried lots of medications for long time from different places but just with few joint warmup techniques, helped her. Now she also changed her habit of playing game on mobile.

3) A lady in 80s, suffering from lung cancer was one of my student. She shared her 2 experiences with me. Once, while I was instructing physical asanas (she was just one and half month new to my class). She used to hold my hand and stand from sitting position. She was doing all the exercises on her own will. One fine day she stood up helself without holding my hand. She herself was astonished how did she stand by herself. Other experience was I gave her certain breathing exercises very easy and simple ones to do and show her doctor and ask if it is ok to perform those exercises? After 4 months she just used to come and do exercises regularly without telling me anything. On asking she said that Doctor has said to her to do those breathing exercises regularly and your infection has stopped spreading. Till sometime I was blank and not understanding anything.

4) A young lady around 35years used to come with her full Spanish friends on weekends. Just with observation I asked her if she had some knee problem that she never mentioned me in consulting session. She was shocked how could I know that? Slowly we worked on the issue she had. As her knee cap used to slip from the position during her childhood she said. So while doing pilates she was more scared about it. Now with yoga asanas her leg has improved she says.

5) One lady she was HR in Kempinski. Post pregnancy she gained weight. She used to hide from me as I will call her to join Yoga session. Some how she came and she started practicing with me. She was happy and comfortable and in a week she joined with her husband. Reason she was worried was she went to some yoga classes where there were slim Russian teachers she said. They were so flexible and slim, they asked her to bend in standing position and place palm on floor with nose touching knees. They pushed saying you can do it. It’s only in your mind. I have no idea who were those people and no intentions or judge someones teaching style as well. Only thing is choose the method that suits you and also comfort zone.

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here was one person, while a group yoga session was going on, that person asked me “What if I am healthy with no ailments no issues, working perfectly good? Why should I practice yoga for?”

… … … What do you think? Let me know your views on this question. I would be interested in listening to what all different views you all have on Yoga practices in comment section.

The person asking was a very old aged person and was quite delighted to hear when I answered the question.
To know my thought on this, get in touch with me.

Most important is Meditation part. It take long time to train yourself mentally. I have separate blog on meditation its benefits and methodologies in it.

Eat on time.

Sleep on time.

Give your stomach food that is easy to break and simple to digest.

Say No to

Tin food.

Foods with preservatives.

Carbonated drinks.

Artificial Sweeteners.

Packed food.

Food with more shelf life.

Plastic bottles.

Cold food.



Any kind of drug addiction.

Say YES to

Fresh vegetables

Seasonal fruits

Organic products.

Chyawan Prash.

Water boiled with 24karat gold in it.

A meal tht fits into 2palm only.

Listen to what your stomach says. Eating less will not reduce your weight but it will store food and make you heavy. Health is not about if you’re dark of fair slim or fat. It is how you feel when you getup in the morning. Fresh or tired. If you’re on heavier side go slow but be regular it will take time to come back to shape but it will work on you.

Best practice.

Close all your activities at 09:30pm. Prepare for your next day till 10:00pm. Once you have closed all activities 10:00pm to 10:30pm sit idle and do nothing. Slowly as you learn meditation you can do meditation before going to sleep. This is for entire family routine. You will get up fresh and your sleep won’t be incomplete. Your cycle of next day begins when you sleep a night before. Also even if you get up at 05:00am or 06:00am do not touch any device till you finish your morning routine.

No exercise, no work for 5 days of menstruation cycle.

Best part of doing Yoga:

I feel so hungry post yoga session.

You get to eat everything that you like.

80% Food +10%exercise + 5% Sleep + 5% = Healthy human.

Sub consciously you switch to healthy food and lifestyle options.

Your negative feelings drain out.

Your outlook becomes more positive.

No more you will say I am bored, tired, exhausted and stressed.

Level of concentration improves.

Even if you travel there is no scope of missing your fitness routine of performing yoga.

Your thoughts become more organized.

Please note: None of this you do deliberately or knowingly but these changes will gradually happen within you. You only choose to start doing Yoga twice a week and take up 3 days and eventually perform every day.

Most important part is to begin with a consulting session.

You can enjoy your life in much better ways if you remain healthy and active.
Simple ayurvedic traditional living


Your body is your house.

Store only good things in it.

No negativity
No evil thoughts
Stay ahead ➡️Play your

Enjoy the #journey called life!
For more #healthycare options follow my Instagram for reuglar updates #03kanchan
#YogaTürkiye #YabanciDeğil
#Yogini #Sadhak

What your trainer needs to know?

Date of birth



Menstrual cycle details for ladies

Surgery details, if any?

Allergy or any kind of ailments?

Are you on any kind of prescribed medication?

Any general issues you have?

Sleeping position?

Work type?

Sensitivity: Very emotional/ Happy go lucky/bashful/need anger management/poor concentration/facing relationship issues/ mental disorders/can’t control addiction or anxiety/sleep problems/signs of aging

Any specific mention?

Once you start communicate with your instructor how you feel after performing yoga practice.

For new people you may feel that you feel exhausted by end of the say because there is lots of energy when you do Yoga specifically power yoga. You use it a lots during other activities. Slowly you learn to control your energy.

For any kind of patients you can see changes happening with you. For usual people you may not identify the change but there will be formation of storng foundation of good health. With stronger immune and relaxed mind.

To get in touch with me.

You can post a comment or e-mail me on

For consultation session/ query write on same e-mail.

Soon we have

Flute meditation session

Gurukul Yoga for kids

Nutrition talk show

Healthy cooking class

Yoga in park

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