Yoga with Kanchan Vikram Part 1


I am an Indian. I have been learning Yoga since my childhood in different places and from different streams.

Yoga is a huge ocean. Since I have moved out of India I started teaching Yoga to different people and yes, with proper consultation. Soon I have discovered that each and every person has some or the other physical issues. Mostly people are stressed with competitive and challenging work environments. Many of them are practicing yoga regularly since past 5 years with me and have found healing benefits for them.

Who can do Yoga?:

Any body above age of 5 years can learn and practice YOGA.

The type of yoga may vary from person to person, different age groups and body type.

You can watch interviews of my students on my YouTube channel. These are real people and these are their real experience while practicing Yoga with Kanchan Vikram. It is available in different languages.

You can post your doubts queries and also learn Yoga online watching those videos.

Note: Every body has unique composition. I have seen many people practicing yoga by just watching online YouTube videos and saying I have not lost any weight or I have not gained any weight or I started getting other health issues because of practicing yoga. To avoid such issues or get proper results to what you are looking for you need to know basics or the logic behind ‘how yoga works?’ or what is the science behind it in simple ways.

In a simple language to understand, if a person is old and is overweight, we cannot make them walk fast, climb up steps like a young person and make them bend to touch their nose to knees right from day one. It needs a proper step by step approach. In order to achieve flexibility and strength in the muscles. Similarly kids are very sharp and active, their patience window is very small at the same time to keep them engage in an activity is really a herculean task. Every person needs its own unique span of attention towards its requirements and needs to be worked upon it.

If you need such a consultation please feel to write me on

This consultation is free. Your identity and any health issues will be dealt by me and remain private. Need to book and appointment. Consultation will last for mostly an hour and will like to know all about your health, diet and regular routine.

For kids or 65 years and above people needs extra care and attention.

Foe severe health issues, you needs a physician approval to continue the exercises suggested in the yoga routine.

Any thing you start new will take at-least 3 months to show positive affects and changes.

I have seen people finding results within 3 sessions with me.

Many people  take up different packages for gym and other sports activities  to find this peace of mind and keep themselves fit and fine but some how time doesn’t permit them to get a balance in life. Feel free to write me and I will get back to you asap.

Write to me for more updates.

You can subscribe my channel, Follow me on my Facebook page and Instagram profiles.

I would like to know what is the information that you would like to know from me for health, fitness and safety.

Have a prosperous, healthy and happy life!

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