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Dear friends welcome to my another journey of geo-tourism sites. I am travelling and writing about my experiences. Where, how and when? You must be here with several reasons. Either you read all my blogs or you are planning to take a trip to the title place or you are planning your trip to this region. Simply you may also like to just read about different places. Let me tell you, pack your bag and just get out of house. It is a journey called Vari. You just have to experience the heaven that we leave on. You cannot just sit in one place. Just pack your basic bag and start going out. This is one life, to experience the forces of nature. Your mind will stagnate if you sit in one place and do same routine monotonous activity. Leave all the ties behind and just take your travel partner with you. You will see how people in different part of the world they leave. What the eat and so on. You will get whole new world for yourself. I really write to motivate people to feel the nature’s beauty from my words and step out of house. If out of all my blogs even one blogs inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy. I have won a success of life time my divine journey is successful and complete. If you do not have travel partner, just share my blog to them and they will understand on why you are sharing my blogs to them and see the magic.

While I was researching on my Trabzon and Rize plan  I read lots of information on this place. There was one blogger who mentioned this in the review ” Living in Turkey for 25 years, I loved this country for its natural beauty, but after 25 years when I visited Artvin I felt I was un aware about this most beautiful place existed till now” As I was seeing photos I felt the words of that traveller. Artvin is in the same area of Trabzon and Rize. SO I made up that yes we are going to this place. Generally my husband gives me dates and asks me to make a plan. I do all basic selecting an area and do all the research, finding hotels comparing costs. SO, I get an benefit to choose all geo-tourism sites. Later we sit together and discuss with all different aspects of the place and see all the logistics and finalise the place. Discussion is best part as we find all the loop holes in the travel plan and fix them much before.

We stayed in Trabzon for one night at Zorlu hotel in the middle of the city center. The city center was very nice place just can finish over s small walk around. There was some museum and stuff like that. We just skipped and enjoyed the cold weather.  There is not much for us to see in this area. SO, We earlier thought of visiting Summela monastery which was under construction and closed for tourists to enter. So we had hired a tour guide and a Mercedes Vito Van as this area is hilly. There was a family who had visited this place earlier and rented a car for drive. Which got stuck in middle of no where. Also, they were with kids. Driving conditions were not very great. The roads are narrow and need to have bit of good hands on driving.

We wanted basically to stay by the Black Sea where obviously we wanted to eat some fish from black sea. We were there around early  November. As we visited this area, they mentioned it is non touristic season and there is not much fish available during this season. Initially I had checked some hotels in Rize area. I read some reviews and over that we choose to live in Babillion Hotel, Spa and Restaurant. Though the hotel was empty later I discovered this was a right decision that we made. Once you read the blog you would realise that was right decision to do that. SO far you must have got really low impression on my this trip but here is the turn of the actual trip Our day 1 was in Trabzon where we did not find much activity to do. On second day we went to a valley. It was so cold here we had some beautiful pictures. In India I have not visited the paradise called Kashmir but trust me every step every picture that I clicked here kept telling me inside, this is very similar to Kashmir As I see in pictures. I am going to have Kashmir as my topmost visit will wait for that lifetime experience. Again the reason behind that is our professor for Geology in my college. While studying Geology, he used to mention Leh, Ladakh is a book of Structural Geology. All the stories of their filed trip are still part of my Wishlist to go and see Kashmir valley. So now you know that how excited and happy I was visiting this place. We were on a very beautiful setup. We clicked some nice photos here. Here we just had a backdrop of Summela Monastery but the valley and flowing river stream between the rocks was such a beautiful treat to watch. Here there was a small tea stall, which was very traditional Turkish one. It was very cold out here roughly 2 degree Celsius.  There was this typical Turkish Chay glass kept in hot water and then tea is filled from the tap. The valley was such a beautiful view. It was across the flowing river. If you have some understanding over how the uplifted mountain that undergoes enormous stress and stain. Also the rocks break along the weaker zones and river flows along this cracks or weaker zones eventually keep cutting the pathway. At the same time the places where it is freezing cold and also experience summer. Rocks keep breaking due to this alternate hot and cold weather conditions and you can see uneven rocks broken and carried in this water channel. At the same time when this broken rock fragments undergo transportation in flow they start getting rounded. Different rocks exhibit different phase of roundness. It says about its transportation history and also the transportation medium can be found out with certain analysis on sediments. So basically this area has high to medium grad of metamorphosed (origin – sedimentary  rocks) also it places yo can see overlying basaltic rock. The area Trabzon is named due to its exposures of columnar basaltic rock in the area.

From here we travelled towards Rize area. Here we mentioned our guide, that we just want to see some beautiful places over historical places. As we just shifted to next hotel we had only half a day to travel here. I have more video of this valley than to write about this valley. This region is know for its Tea plantation. Here at places we could see some advertising for White river water rafting. just incase if you are interested you can refer to my videos. As the weather was pretty cold and our drive was along the valley we stopped nearly after 2 hours to a next spot. Here also it was a Turkish Tea just to get refreshed again. For me it was fine I was not finding it much cold. I just kept enjoying the nature and beautiful valley drive and seeing the phases of rocks. At places you can see really huge Columnar basalt structure. This tea house was by the river and there was this first bridge that we came across. You can refer to my pictures on my Facebook page “Vari – The Divine journey” or also follow me on Instagram #03kanchan Here I was wondering why did we wait. As we were sitting there were school picnic children who had just come and was very noisy over there. At the same time there came the owner of the places, who was also the owner of the tea plantation in the area. The guide introduced us and the moment he came to know that we are Indian we got really very special treatment over there. We were offered Turkish chai  I preferred Turkish coffee. As I said Orta the owner was on top of the world. How can a foreigner like Turkish coffee and ask orta sheker? Mena while me and my husband was confused why he started giving us VIP treatment. Then as I started to talk in little bit of Turkish that I know. He said, Indian tea, Darjeeling tea is number one in the world.  I told him that we are from Mumbai area. Still he treated us like we were some owner of Tea plantation in India. Then he said our tea is also good tea. Initially we were thinking he wanted to sell his tea to us. At the best we could have bought 1kg Tea. SO then we realised with association with his business he had great respect due to Indian quality of tea. We had a small river trolley activity here and then moved ahead across the valley. On the slopes of tree plantation we could see some manual trolleys were attached to sent grocery or daily material up hill. This day was just seeing tea plantation and valley.

Our next day was yet another beautiful location. It was Uzungöl. Basically Göl means lake. This is a long drive and uphill. As our car was climbing we could see the place is at certain altitude and has had snow fall in the recent time. As we moved ahead temperature was dropping gradually. This was something I was experiencing for first time in my life. A half frozen lake. I never had seen such a beautiful view in my life before. In India only northern and north eastern part has cold climate and that too  at high altitude paces it snows. Also its a border areas so less of touristic spots to visit. Entire year India experiences only monsoon and summer. There is winter for few weeks that you do not need much of winter wear in that week. It just becomes dry. I have seen snow fall but this valley view is amazing. Surprisingly this valley had snow fall for a whole week before our visit. Here on hill we could see there were some wooden hotels. Seeing them I realised that I had read review hotels of this area. As houses and view is beautiful but you need to carry your bags uphill from the snow and also in the houses you need to carry them or the local staff helps you in this. I am getting bit filmy here. I am posting a link for a Indian movie song with amazing music. The song is filmed in Kashmir valley. My ultimate dream destination. Put your earphones and listen to this  This is the exact feel that was running in my mind at this spot. I played like a child here. Not much people but there were some Arab tourists here. I can’t wait to post my videos here. You will fall in love with the beauty of this place. Since the snow as just one week fresh there were lots of locals who had come to play in the fresh snow. I did a stunt here. Please if you are visiting such place please , please do not attempt such adventure. Specially if this kind of environment is new for you. I have a perfect video of what I did. Near the review hotels, there was this steep slope and all were playing slide- slide. At first place we were not prepared for this snow clad mountains. You can make out from the dress up that I am wearing. Just a skirt and simple jacket over T-shirt. As I saw people got some nice tyre tubes and were sliding with this over the slope. I borrowed tyre tube from visitors there. Then I convinced my husband it is a huge tyre, lets go to some height and slide together on it. See how deadly ideas I get. Somehow my husband was not convinced with the idea also his shoes were new and sole was still hard so they were not gripping. Somehow I took him at a height. Gave my camera to our guide before climbing. Then I felt bit scary as the slope was vertical. Just my clothes should not become wet I borrowed tyre. Else  I would have just slide over the ice. I sat on tyre, but I was more scared to do it now. Guide shouted READY, COME! After that what happened I am not aware of it.  I did not see or remember anything. All I remember is I did not know how to stop while sliding. As it was huge tyre,  I could feel my spine bouncing in the hollow space of huge tyre. I just lay down and had a terrible slide. Worst part was,  I did not know where I am going and how to control it. I  dashed a group of girls and somewhere ahead I was thrown badly. My husband calmly came walking down and guide reached me first and picked me up. I was still in trauma, not understanding what has happend. Cammera was on till now. You can see those girls getting up while the guide was walking to pick me up. Then I did not allow my husband and never will do this kind of wild stunts in my life again. I did apologise and enquire those girls, if they were fine? I really wonder how people were doing all this fun activity. It is really dangerous. After some time guide took is to some nice places where we walked on a snow cover area. This place was having no public and just few of us. I will post this all captured in my video. Though it was snow covered I did not felt it was cold. As the ice was melting which had fallen a week ago so the place was getting warmer. As we were walking I got scolding to keep the selfie camera and walk carefully As I may trip and fall. My husband was wearing new shoes and was finding it tough to walk as the shoes were not offering good grip so our guide helped him hold and walk. We visited a restaurant. Where I got to see yet again best view of my lifetime. The snow was half my height in the backyard of hotel. Here there was a waterfall that was half frozen and half melting and falling from good height. We had nice food and then we returned from the different route. At some places  I spotted some fish farms . This is something that my husband likes. We stopped by a fish farm to visit. Animal interation makes my husband feel very happy. SO, we spent around an hour at this huge fish farm. These were trout from fresh water or river water farm. Since the river water was ice melted water it was clean and fishes must also be of good quality. If you are nature lover. You must see the place once in life time. Even if you open pictures on internet of this place. You would  find that all season this place is perfectly beautiful. Next time I would go ahead and complete the Artvin patch.

 Hope you liked my this geo-tourism blog and are excited to watch my videos for this area. Wish me keep travelling so I can keep posting my travel experiences and get you more stuff to read and inspire for your journey. Also you must have by now realised how stupid adventurous I am and how bad things could have been. So please please you can learn from my mistakes. Wherever you go enjoy safe holiday. Se you all in the next location for my next travel, till then keep reading and need lots of love from all the readers out there.

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