Most appropriate solution for Covid 19 situation.

By now we are all worried about the survival in this Covid 19 situation. Sanitizing and keeping yourself healthy at home is at the moment common man is trying to do. As everyday passes we are just waiting to hear successful discovery of a vaccine. There is huge desperation! This an elite pandemic outside China. As it is being carried by air travelers. Now it has reached to almost every corner of the globe. While Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. There is lots of chaos everywhere. All we want to hear is solution to the problem! Big organisations are announcing their quarterly losses and job cuts. As the situation continues it is going to be worsening day by day.

As per what is happening I am observing all the things those are happening. The solution lies in front of us always and we are not just seeing it. The pattern of spreading is key to the solution. Corona virus has a small existence in this materialistic world. It is carried from one person to multiple places and then contracted to next cluster of people. Question is can we brake the chain? Answer is Yes! How? The way it has entered our life we have to send it back. Does not mean sending it back to China! You may say it is fools theory but if it is providing you a solution then why not. For now those who are willing to have a solution I would request you to read this article or blog keeping aside all your opinion that washing 20 seconds hand is not enough. Forcing to wear mask is not solution or nothing is going to happen to me. Even if I fall prey to Covid 19 virus I will recover and survive. It is not just about you. We are here to understand the war against us by this small little tiny organism, it needs to be handled. It does not see, gender, religion , nationality or your currency. We cannot even say my country needs to be Covid free. It has to be erased out from entire globe. Finding vaccine will be its ultimate solution, but we do not know when vaccine will come. So, we have to prepare ourselves for survival and flourishing.

Process is very simple but we are actually making it complicated. Let me explain you in simple method. We start from a person who is Covid 19 positive and is symptomatic person. While the person is at home, he is performing all the daily routine activities at home. For an instance, assume we have a spray that turns blue in color when we spray it wherever virus is sitting or existing. So, when we spray it in the house of a person where the infected person is staying you can actually visualize what all is blue in color. Right from his bedding, tooth brush, handles, tables, chairs, knobs, kitchen appliances, vessels every where. May even go deeper into beds and couch, layers. Also, the air that he or she is breathing in. Now let us consider this person will be taken to hospital in their own vehicle. So while the person is heading to enter the vehicle. It will touch few or several places on the way. The last place we consider is the vehicle handles. Still keep seeing virus in blue color of spray. Hospitals are mostly prepared for arrival of such people. So that normal people are in less contact to the places which infected person is touching or breathing. We are not looking at the inside hospital conditions or management. We are trying to understand how do we brake the chain outside. There are several things that we have not noted with respect to this infected person. This person must have traveled to several places. May be visited to a grocery store. Visited a friend or relative. Some places hospitals are asking people with non severe symptoms to go home and self quarantine. While some people are sent home till the results arrive. Still visualize that blue spray which helps us to see blue color where all the virus has its presence. So now if we understand that single person has already spread the virus everywhere.

Let us consider the scenario where a person is tested Covid 19 positive and now is hospitalized. Till then the person has already spread the virus, unintentionally and unknowingly. Imagine this person might have participated in protests, rallies or even going to its workplace. Everything is contaminated by now. Like many countries are following green, orange, red zone concepts where, they create a containment zone according to number of tested positive patients. While the area under red zone which is basically a red zone is under complete Lock-down. Now what it does is it keeps people in lets say the apartment sealed so that they do not move in and out. Everything like basic necessities are being provided to them as per need. Till no new cases are being traced from that apartment. Considering the ways that virus spreads there cannot be zones. One person can spread it to thousands of people while contaminating premises it lives in. Also, the source where he has got this is also a sensitive area as it will keep spreading.

Now let us jump to a different scenario. By now everyone has seen the the visuals of treated Covid patients on news channels in hospitals. For layman to understand what we see, let me explain you certain things. Any doctor or support staff that is entering this ward of Covid 19 infected patient to treat is wearing a PPE unit. PPE is Personal Protective Unit. This is basically a layer of disposable clothing that covers doctor or support staff entirely and forms a bubble around. The porosity of this layer is sufficient enough so that even if they are breathing through it, Covid 19 which is 0.06 micron and 0.14 micron in diameter, averaging about 0.125 micron, measured by electron microscope (sources) will not be able to enter through it while they will be able to continue their normal activity. Consider you are going on a long drive. At some point you will need to take a break for natures call, having some quick bite on the go while your vehicle will also need small break and maintenance. Same ways these doctors and support staff will need to take brake for same reasons. Time and interval will vary person to person but there needs to be no brake while the patients those need to be attended. Here the PPE unit is removed very skillfully so that out side of the PPE will not be touched or be in direct contact.They have specific area where they remove these PPE clothing layer. Every layer that is being removed need to be thrown or disposed of properly. You can not just remove few parts and just attend toilet or washroom and return. It has to fully cover right from head, face, full body, even footwear. SO, if a doctor or support staff is coming out of patients ward. there is 99.9% possibility that the surface of PPE layer has corona Virus on it ready to move to next parts. So the doctors and support staff are wearing PPE units and removing are highly sanitized and every time you wear a full fresh PPE unit. Even if you want to use toilets or eat food.

Now let us switch back to commoners situation. The most important aspect is using sanitizers and masks in public places. Avoid direct contact. Also face shield is better as unknowingly we touch openings like eyes, ears and so on. We are over it by now. Many countries are still not having masks ready for its population. Using of cloth tied to nose is not a solution as the size of virus is too small while the cloth has huge pores to it. If it is washed again its pores are too big then. So there is need for using surgical masks. Which are designed for protecting your breathing tract and avoiding virus to enter your body. Every mask needs to be brought from properly sealed packaging. As first masks are stitched and then sterilized for any kind of contamination from its source. SO, now where there is contamination? We have seen it is basically a human psychology as humans tend to resist their minds. As Lock-down and work from home was announced. People considered it as holiday and did more of outings with friends and family. It took time for people to understand that it is not personal holiday for celebration. Announcements could not have been pre announced saying you have say 5 days to go back to your home town and safeguard yourself with family and loved ones. Lock-down says stay where you are. Lets brake the chain in next 14 days and then resume back to (tour) routine. Unfortunately the purpose was never served beyond 20%. So far we have seen that there is Lock-down, spreading infection gets into control and due to desperation in situation mostly economic desperation and then there is ease in certain phases. Again there is surge in numbers and again the cycle is in loop. Since beginning I can say countries might be working on protective measures, but eliminating the next wave appears to be impossible. Or surge new cases is happening all over the globe. I am not writing it for any specific country, but I am saying it for our entire globe as one family. From daily wages to economies of all countries desperation to make things run normally is very important. We are trying to learn new normal, while we do not know what it is? All we know is we want to protect our family and loved ones. If we get infected, still we will come out of it. This will be the first generation who will be highly focused on health and wellness who works hard for good immunity and learns to be happy where we are. You may say where is the solution in this? I always believe that every question has an answer. You must first think on what what are things that needs to be answered.

To outwit enemy we need to understand who is it, what is it? How does it work? How does it flourish and how does it spread? What is its mechanism to overcome from extinction? What is its behavioral pattern under different situations? What is the life cycle of one corona virus? How fast does it reproduce or how does it multiply? What if it starts mutating? These are basic things that we need to know. By just learning and understanding these aspects we can stop its mechanism. So far we know, It a small virus which is not seen to our normal eyes nor it can be detected by any means of appliances till date. It spreads through contaminated surfaces on which it is sitting from carried infected persons to the surfaces. If it is suspended in air it has greater possibilities to spread through air via our breathing tract. Its spread remains constant irrespective of weather conditions.

Can entire globe / all countries follow a 28 days Lock-Down? Absolute no stepping out of your residence. Lock-down should be completely with strategy and planning. This time it will be pre-planned and pre-announced. So, that people have time to prepare themselves. Also there is huge amount of awareness among most of the people so while preparing to undergo lock-down this time they will be doing it cautiously. This will include complete lock-down in mobility. For those who have already infected. They need to take care of themselves. The strategic plan that is made to tackle down should be co-ordinated by all the media houses and media streaming channels. Where same information is aired at same time around the globe in local languages. Say every hour in 24 hours you air the same agenda that will be followed. So irrespective of time zone, people will be watching same information. SO what needs to be done will be completely know to each and every person around the globe and to all communities. Make sure that entire house is well sanitized. Deep cleansing of house/ vehicles/shops/ restrooms/ parking areas will be key to keep ourselves safe. All the people in essential services, like food, water supply, emergency services and waste management use PPE units for these 28 days. Can we train them well and meet the demand for supply of kit? Just make a plan what you can do within first 14 days. How do we meet daily necessity requirements. How do we put a cyclic routine? First 14 days will be helpful in finding new outbreaks, tracing them back and make sure they do not bring out things from their place and neither they take it from outside. If a person is showing symptoms and need to visit hospital then they need to step out only when they wear complete PPE unit and go to the hospital to avoids the transfer of Covid virus while they are moving outside and contaminating space around them. At the same time the completely seal of the bag they are carrying with them. If first 14 days we follow lock-down strictly then, half the war will be won. Next additional 14 days making it more strict will completely wipe-out the existence or the looped cycle that has been unstoppable will go into complete hold. Since, everyone is planned to do this then it wont be a chaotic situation.

Easing Lock-down can be done in a Swastika way. Movement only goes in swastika cycle. May it be supply or may it be waste collection. One person moves ahead goes to next spot. Takes a brake Again moves ahead. Same ways next people take the place move ahead in swastika direction. After four cycles it will return to its original point. If there exits even a single speck post 2×14 days cycle appears you can repeat the same cycle one more time so totally it will be preparation for 56 days. Prevention is better than cure. This will give you assurance of eradication or the Covid 19 pandemic. We have already given so many days of our life in this . If we all target to get rid of virus in this time interval then we get to live our normal life like we did pre-pandemic.

We do not know when and where Vaccine will be available? What we need is wiping out the virus as it never existed. Just if we dedicate 28 days towards this process towards one globe one family only then we will be able to fight against it. There is nothing like my country or my nation. Any place on earth it has its existence, we all will be back in turmoil and doldrums.

Please write your opinion and feedback and queries. I will update the blog upon the queries. My blog is to think of solution and not just sit and wait for someone to think of solution. Making mistake is OK! but Not learning from it, is bigger mistake! But we have all ready paid huge price for the mistake. In the form of losses in life and then in global economy. Our war is not with each other but it is with unseen warrior. The early we identify it better will be for us to handle it with no more losses.

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