Welcome to my yet another travel blog. This is one of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. This is a Geo-Tourism site and on the top of the Wishlist of all the world travellers. The places is only visited because of its beautiful landscape a hill of travertine deposits. Pamuk means Cotton and Kale means Castle in Turkish language. Pamukkale is name of a place in Turkey. This place is located in western part of Turkey. One of the places after Cappadocia, that people visit. It is naturally occurring hill with mineral rich thermal water which gets deposited while flowing over the slopes. It is amazing landform with Travertine terraces. with its pure white appearances of travertine deposits it has naturally occurring terraces pockets that accumulate this oozing mineral rich water. In the premises there are Roman ruins of Hierapolis which has a spectacular amphitheater well preserved here. Also there is this thermal pool named as Cleopatra pool. You can take a dip in this medicinal pool rich in minerals. If you visit this place or if you are going to visit this place, please let me know, why this place is in your Wishlist? Is it for the beautiful photos or videos that you have seen or historic reason? If you are going to see the natural beauty of this landscape that means it is nature that has attracted you to spend one day of your entire lifetime in this place.

We visited this place around month of May. Weather is still cold here at that time of the year. I got to see this Pamukkale exposure in 3 different ways. Read full blog to find out how I did this. Here most of the hotels have Thermal Hotel in their suffix. Meanwhile if you are looking for cost effective options I would recommend you to club it with some other location. You can reach this place in morning and finish all the activity in one full day and travel to next location from here. You can either take over night bus option or fly from Denizli airport. Most of the hotels have shuttle service or they provide transfer facility.

As we reached early to this places we left our bags at hotel and left for our activity for the day. We had some snacks n the restaurant just bang opposite to the entrance of the hill. First we went to see the lake. We had a guide and a Mercedes Vito van hired with a guide for our full day trip with us for the reason. You can do that without guide. Lake is at the foot hill. It is very beautiful as you have background of hill and white lake with transparent waters. Here you get to see the entire exposure standing at its foot hills. It appears nice white waterfall and very peaceful to see fishes and ducks swimming in the lake. We spent roughly one hour here. There was not much crowd here. Just calm and peaceful. From here we could see people walking up on the exposures. I remembered my beautiful Khopoli and we used to keep watching all the vehicles travelling on the ghat (up hill road) section.

From here we were picked up by the paragliding company. We had taken paragliding adventure activity. My husband was bit worried as he kept saying that he had a fear for height, acrophobia. He was not fully convinced to do this activity. As we went in the van on the uneven hill it was more scary and thrilling. They took us to a spot and started putting our glider and harnesses. This is a tandem paragliding. Here you are flying with a pilot. More than my husband I was feeling scared. If you go for such activity with doubt in mind then it is not good. All you have to do is, you are standing in front of your pilot wearing full harness and helmate at an angular slope. Behind, your glider is slowly catching air in it. Once the wind blows in the glider the pilot will ask you to start running. There is little bit of run you need to do, down the slope. All the while I was just thinking that my glider is not going to go up and we will keep running till slope has ended. Just a stupid thought. These are licenced companies and pilots who take you on this activity. So, you just need to follow the instructions carefully and be extra careful to check yourself your own harnesses wisely. First they took my husband. As they started flying, I was so worried that my husband will be scared and now he is going to be angry on me to force in such activity. Keeping all that in one corner of my mind we were ready and my mind was still with my husband’s flight. Now I was more scared then my husband looked. If you have seen my video or photos you would realise that I am extra prepared for cold. I am already wearing full sleeves thick T-shirt and also wrapped a scarf. Just in case if it is cold I can tie my scarf. It was thrilling experience as there is no machinery taking you to fly its just natural wind and you are up in the air. As we were in air. I saw my husband smiling and had a sigh of relief. Finally I was up in the air. The pilot then adjusts your seat. You are in sitting position on the paragliding flight. Then he also removes your helmate and hangs it in the side. Then comes the fun of Go-Pro. It is attached and with your harnesses so no worries. I had mentioned this guy that I want full continuous video and not photos. He kept switching photo and videos. Also we felt that flight was really for small time. So when I wrote this on They replied saying it is not having any machinery and it fly based on only wind conditions so they got us landed early. SO here I took what they say must be right. I was sure that they are also going to charge me for this photos and videos from both of our flights captured in GO-Pro camera.. There is a trick to bargain here. Do write to me in comment section ad I will mention how to get those clicks in cheaper cost. This will be exclusive for my readers only. If you want to visit Pamukkale and admire its beauty. This paragliding activity is must. You can see full landscape of Hierapolis ruins. It really appears beautiful. I was screaming so badly form up that people walking in the ruins are waving me hand. Finally I was flying over the main Pamukkale exposure and trust me it is like you are seeing a heaven. Its all white and glittery with water flowing over it. The exposure is really huge and maintained well as so many tourists visit here. Flying over it you can realise that we can create many marvels with the help of construction techniques but what natures serves us or shows is yet a mystery. We cannot master that art of creation but all we can do is see it and enjoy its beauty. Some places on Earth like this are must to visit and experience in a lifetime. It is beautiful expression of mother Earth. You may take lots of photos videos, but the memories of this visits will remain fresh and young in your mind. The most important part of this paragliding activity is landing. once your flight is done they put your helmate again on you. and mention you that you have to STAND and run. Do not sit as you are still moving ahead in wind direction with glider in action. You need to be really careful about your knees here. Mostly the glider has slowed down and then you slowly land and run. That was fun and thrill. As my husband had landed first. He managed to click pictures of my lading and he was happy. SO finally I mentioned him that the phobia never exist it is just theoretical expression. When you are young and have your body in good state. Please do this activity. It is not at all scary. Finally my huby agreed to what I said and was very happy.

After this we went to hotel for checked-in and post check-in we were informed to keep changing clothes, wear sports shoes and carry swim wear. We stayed at Richmond Pamukkale Thermal hotel for one night. Later now  I realised if I just clubbed my stay with some other location visit.  I would not have required to stay in hotel I would have spent my full day and then returned to next destination. By flight fairly 2-3 hours I would be in nearby next destination. Or even take a night bus and heed towards next destination. Hopefully my readers benefit from this. Post hotel check-in our guide and van took us up hill and then they parked the van and we carried our bags with us. There is a little bit of walk from the ruins. The surface is not even here. As we moved towards main Pamukkale exposure it was little crowded. If you are around April to May season in this area do not forget to see the wild Tulips in the region. I have some pictures of wild Tulips. You can definitely have a look at it.  I really wanted to see this Antique Cleopatra pool. While researching to go I was confused if these all are different places. It is one and the same place. There are some huge pillars those are broken and fallen. Also there is a small water inlet where you can stand below it.  Here there is a restaurant, some souvenir shops, if you have not bought towel, swimwear and stuff, that also you can buy here. There is per person entry fees  for this Antique Cleopatra pool. In the extreme corner, There are lockers where you can keep your clothes and bags along the changing room. The pool water was pretty hot. Initially I was finding excited to enter this antique pool but those antiques are bit annoying as your movements are not free, It is slippery. There a part behind the rope that is bit deep and with no antiques there you can swim in it. We spent nice good time dipping in the pool. The water is really heavy and full of mineral content. It is known to cure skin diseases and rheumatism. Mostly these thermal pools get water feeding from the near by natural source of geo-thermal heat. As we travel towards the core of Earth first layer is  hard crust that we live on. Second is mantle which is partly molten in state. The temperature gradient increases 35 degree Celsius per km towards the centre of the earth. As places where the crust is thin and there is some action, active between plate boundaries. The water from the near source of geo thermal gradient that comes up is hot water. At time temperature can go as high as 60 degree Celsius. This water has lots of dissolved minerals in it. SO taking a dip in such type of mineral rich water gives good effect on your body. As I tried to step out of pool I was pulled back. I felt my body became heavy and I had to wait for 2 minutes to understand that it is due to heavy water dip I am unable to stand. So then I slowly stepped out.

Post swimming we had nice food and then were on adventure trip. We then went to the main exposure of Pamukkale travertines. Here water is also hot water. Many people who do not want to pay and take a dip in Cleopatra pool do some adventure dress changing and soak themselves in this part. You have to remove shoes here. You are supposed to walk bare foot here. SO that formations (travertine deposits) won’t get spoiled. These pools have hot water but eventually as it flows it becomes cold. All the photos and videos that you see on internet are majority from this region. The stretch is quite long and most beautiful part of nature that you get to experience. This is the third mode that  I got to see Pamukkale.

Later we headed for the adventure of the day. The adventure was none of the people, driver, guide or both of us we did not know where we are going. I just put google maps and was guiding driver to drive. Our guide was really a funny guy. He kept on telling some part of history and about local ruins and some unacceptable knowledge Through the day. He kept telling us stories of other tourists how they were happy about travelling with him. We were not really into the history that he was trying to tell us. At the same time  he did not allow me to talk to driver on where I wanted to go next. He took name of places from me and started guiding driver verbally. My husband insisted on returning. The guide kept, driver taking us in all different locations. Then I was pretty angry and mentioned him look I don’t want to give up going this place just because you are not able to find it. Then I spoke to driver mentioned him the name Kaklik caves and then showed him map directions to drive. It was roughly 1 hour 50minutes drive from Pamukkale. Since we were not finding it  I used google maps. Google map shows correct location of this Kaklik cave. You can follow that. As a landmark you see a metallic dooms on a cami or a mosque that is along D320 main road. You have to take exact opposite turn to the mosque and follow a uneven road. In the vicinity you will see lots of Marble mining activity going on in the inner road. The exact point has this Kaklik cave exposure. The exact spot of Pamukkale that you saw. It is same exposure but it is totally underground. Though it is underground you can walk properly. There was entry fees of roughly 6TL per person. I have not searched if there is any public transportation available to go here. There is wooden deck to walk inside. As you are at the entrance. There is a small volcano like structure that is oozing water and though it was open space there was lots of sulphur smell. You don’t have to walk much inside but need to be careful of slippery surfaces and some places your shoes might get wet. The place is really well maintained for tourists to visit. Not many people know about this place. You see exact same terraces exposure that you see in Pamukkale but in underground cave. There is light arrangement here for seeing this site. Also there was one pool like structure that seems to be man made and there is place to sit and take this hot water dips. I have some nice photos and videos of this place. You can have a look at it on my Facebook Page “Vari – The Divine Journey” or wait for video updates to be posted on Instagram  #03kanchan account. Finally our funny tour guide was happy and he mentioned us that he had never knew about this place existed. He was working as tour guide in same area since past 25 years. You can see our driver becoming happy to visit this place with us in the upcoming video. This happens when a Geologists go on a vacation to see the natural marvels.

From here we went back to hotel. Here all hotels have there own thermal pool inside. If you see them you may have  dicey mind whether to seriously enter that. As it is turbid green colour and you cannot see anything in it. Comparatively Cleopatra is much better and water is transparent enough. So it is up to you if you wish to take a dip where Cleopatra made herself beautiful or small exposures to help you.

Hope my blogs on geo-tourism sites are providing you some insightful information. What all is available for you to do in this region? What is the importance of the place? If you have any queries or some additional information please do write me.  I would love to read from my readers. Till my next travel and next blog. See you all. Keep travelling. We are living on heaven called Earth. Explore it to the fullest!

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