To start with one of the delicious boon of Ayurveda is Panchamrut. I came across this Panchamrut in my childhood. Every auspicious puja we used to get one spoon panchamrut to be taken on right palm sip it and just without washing or wiping your hand run it over head so the sacred richness offer blessings on us.

What is this Panchamrut?

Literally Panch means five and amrut means an immortality drink. Panchamrut means a scared mixture of special 5 ingredients. In Indian mythology. There was a churning of ocean with the help of coiled serpent. On one side there were devas (Gods) and on other side there were asuras (demons) they kept churning ocean which spelled out ‘n’ number of material out of which one was poisons gas. This gas is supposed to be absorbed by lord Shiva to save the entire living being and not just absorb but also digest it without affecting himself. It is always represented by bluish grey shade of Shiva representing transformation post absorbing poisonous gas. Other thing that came out was a kalash filled with ‘Amrut’. Any one who consumes this ‘Amrut’ is supposed to gain immortality to a living being.

Similarly this PanchAmrut has lots of medicinal values to it ,which keeps us young, active and glowing. Anyone who regularly sips panchamrut can lead a healthy life.

What is recipe for this Panchamrut?

Panchamrut basically has 5 ingredients to be mixed together.(1 Teaspoon each).

  • Honey
  • curd/yogurt
  • Luke warm cow milk
  • Cow Ghee
  • Jaggery ( Unprocessed phase of a sugar)

In warm countries you need not use warm milk. normal room temperature milk will also be fine. It can take at least 2 hours to combine and give a creamy thick curd like material. Stir it and take one spoon to sip. In cold countries warm milk will be preferred. Keep it in warm place under cover. Also you can wrap a clot around to the vessel in which it is kept. It may take overnight time to form.

Benefits of PanchAmrut

  • Boosts your immunity
  • Improves vitality of brain.
  • Enhances memory and grasping capabilities.
  • Good for skin cleansing (internally).
  • For improving complexion.

When can we take PanchAmrut?

For best results every morning empty stomach.



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