PanchKarma – Life Balancing Process!


All you need to know about PanchKarma.

You can start reading blog directly from ‘Actual Experience’ Where it is all about what all I was made to do in procedure and how it affected me. If you want to understand base on how PanchKarma operates you can read right from beginning to all the associate links as well. As Satguru, Shri Jaggi Vasudev says “to know internal structure of a living being you need not cut open or dissect it”. Since childhood I had seen that India is known for its magic but never ever realized that magic does exists! Ayurveda is truly a magic for me. Its is deep rooted study from Vedas, where there is deep studies of cosmology and it’s association with life on earth. Life in earth does not mean with only the organisms or biotic world. It is comprised of entire cosmos that we live in.

You have landed to this blog as you are in desperate search of health related information. As you find yourself lost between too much of information in all over your surrounding. Lots of experiments, diet plans and irregularities or fitness related issues. You may also be worried about ailments those are said to be coming to you with age. PanchKarma is a time tested (5000 years) and proven form healing methodology. It is in depth knowledge of life and its cosmic presence. PancKarma is process that cures you physically and mentally and cures the impurity and imbalance in your composition of elements which our body is composed of. Name an illness and it has written cure for it. This entire blogs help you to understand life at three different levels, one is cosmic level, next is physical level and finally at spiritual level.

Life at Cosmic Level:

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