There are different modes of meditation, Bhakti yoga, Kirtan yoga or Mind focusing on breathe. Meditation helps you to get rid of routine thoughts that keeps wishers cycle running  inside your mind. It’s easy to put a routine to your body or achieve something physically but stabilizing mind in one place is really difficult. Follow your own method to relax your thoughts of future and past.

There is no hard and fast way in bhakti yoga. You can devote in your own religious beliefs or deity/ power whom you get easily connected with mind. All the worries inside your mind are, OK! When in life you feel there is no solution to your problem no way out just wait for an instance. The one who will sought for questions will seek answers only within oneself. Just relax and let things go in its way. Somethings that happen in life has no reason behind. This includes selfless giving away to an needy and complete the cycle.

In Kirtan yoga the one who has achieved a divine path, they preach to the followers and give their path to others. As the journey becomes easier for a disciple or follower or a seeker. You can call them gurus or saints. They explain the ultimate divine feel how it is and they show the path how they achieved it in the form of songs, writings or preaching with simple examples of day to day life.

Mind relaxing is very important exercise. All you need to do is sit and do nothing, physically and mentally both.   People find it difficult to sit in one place for long time and do nothing. For some people it may sound like a punishment as they were busy through their life. They felt that they had more thoughts coming in their mind as they sit for meditation session.  Some people quit doing meditation at this point.

For example when you are attending any program, arranging a program or travelling, once that program is finished there is an echo like humming sound that keeps going in head,  when you finish the process. Here you feel that you just want to finish it up and complete the process. Go to bed and just take a full sleep.

Same ways when you sit idle in one place, if you are waiting for some one at particular time or for a bus, train flight, time seems to be lengthy, to wait for something.  Even thought if something is even two minutes late it seems to be a long time. At the same time when you plan for a picnic or a trip after a week, every day of week appears to pass so slow. If you’re with person, whom you like to spend time with, time appears to run very fast. You did not even realize that its been few hours or few weeks that you visited your family, friend or someone you really like spending time with and now its time to say goodbye to them. It is very easy to understand oneself, while comparing with computer. If you are running certain amount of programs in process it will show percentage of RAM used by each program. In simple words every program will use Random Access Memory in some percent in order to work. Similarly when we are sitting idle our mind is not sitting in one place. It is either in past or future!

These are known facts. Our mind constantly thinks of past and future. Percentage of mind that remains or operates in present is really negligible. People who are capable in giving their maximum percentage of attention in the present activity are the most successful people in the world.  “Meditation is the most difficult and most powerful exercise in the world”. After certain amount of practice,  it is very easy to get rid of physical distractions around us. Physical distractions are those which our senses can detect. Like we can see moving objects through eyes, we can hear sounds through ears, we can smell through nose, our skin can detect temperature changes or sometimes when we are sitting at one place our body will unconsciously give a command to move. Some people have habit of shaking legs, curling hair any kind of movements or even if you are sitting in one place you may feel your hips need to adjust or you need to adjust cushion position or anything. Once you practice sitting in right posture for longer time and maintain without getting physically distracted. It becomes easier to enter inside mind. Once you enter inside mind you realize that there is more noise inside mind than outside. Even if you sit in one place your mind takes you all around the world meeting all people, thinking linked form one thought to other and then to other thought and forget what you were actually doing.

Here are few of the techniques that  I follow myself and also teach to my students. In some methods people need some mantras, chanting, sound of water, incense fragrance or any kind of thing that helps them to stop lined thoughts and relax mind for a while. There will be n number of methods to achieve a goal. Whichever you like you can choose and follow.

There are few things I have to share with my practice of meditation.
It will always be better to step out of your living place visit any place of worship that is calm and quiet. At home you have all the material world around you that is associated in your thoughts. For example bags, shoes light switches, door knobs, gas knobs, water heater, WATCH, keys, Mobiles or other devices. So once you step out of house close everything; light, water, gas and pick your pre stuffed bag and leave. Here you cut your thoughts those are associated with materialistic world. Then when you sit in one place and focus on one point, it can be meditation music insence, fragrance or anything outside your body will try to distract you and then you feel good and relaxed.
Once you learn to relax and see how your breathe goes in and out naturally with no support of music, fragrance or anything you can see how deep your breathe goes in and out. It becomes really slow and heavy. There comes a point where you feel that your breathe has stopped and this is point to be maintained for longer time.
At this point your thoughts will be also at hold or stable mind. They won’t take you around they stay where you’re. If you do this in sitting position ensure to maintain correct body posture with comfort to body and no stress. Your spine must remain in perfect ‘S’ shape. Here all the physical distractions from our senses are at hold. Everything that you can see, smell, taste or sense temperature is from physical world and a comparative factor.
Most important is your mind has lots of noise inside. With regular practice of Meditation you can learn how to completely relax your body and mind.
In the initial stage practice 2 minutes session every time you’re going to eat something. Best results when you close all your work and prepare your next day bags, cooking everything and go to sleep post meditation. Your night sleep will be completed peacefully and you will get up fresh with full of energy.

While you are learning meditation you may feel that you get more thoughts than before. You will also get exhausted feel in the day end. This is because your mind has learnt creating void space. So it gets filled with more and more thoughts. You have more energy storage once you start practicing meditation. You may eat a lots or talk a lots or exhaust your energy doing something.
Slowly you will learn to control this energy. You will find peak of too much of exhausting thoughts and then gradually drop the thoughts and be at peace inside. Emotions (Sex, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Bad Oman for others in our mind) should not guide you, you should be able to guide or have control on your own emotions.
Slowly you can increase time of your meditation. Once you practice it more you become better and better and like learning to write paragraph with hand is easy now then when you wrote it again and again and struggled for single alphabet.
No matter how much distraction is there in your surroundings you will be able to do your meditation literally anywhere l.
Benefits of meditation are incredible. From being successful in life to positivity thoughts, full of energy to sharp mind, self healing capacity ‘n’ number of it.
You yourself can observe that your thoughts are more organized, your listening capacity is improved, reaction to stressful situation is more skilled, balanced or sharp. Decision making capacity is polished. Your speech is more clear and powerful as your body and mind.

Those changes you will not make consciously but they will happen sub consciously.

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