Everything and anything that you need to know about management. There are certain parts which curriculum or syllabus will not teach you and that will be taught to you by experience. If you are new to the corporate world these management related blogs are going to give you first hand experience on what you need to do. You can also share in comments as what all you are looking for. To learn to swim you need to enter water. Same ways to know dos and don’ts in career before you enter the field. My blogs are going to help you understand what it will be to do while working in an organization. How to prepare for entry? What will you come across while doing work? How should you plan the growth? How should you plan for finances and investments. Sometimes you wish you had a godfather or godmother who would have guided you in your career. Many blogs on different topics are in progress. Once they are perfectly ready for you they will be published. Make sure you follow me on my website. So that you do not miss an update.