Karmic Roles


To understand, what is Karma? What has it got to do in our life? Only when you are seeking for a solution to your questions you will understand this blog.

If your mind is strongly asking questions

  • Why this happened to me ?
  • Why this happened to my family?
  • Why am I suffering?
  • What have I done wrong to anyone?
  • I am in a problem no one can help me.
  • I struggled hard to reach here, now I am clueless, on what to do next?

Sometimes in life, problem is not that you don’t get something. It is also problem when you get it. What’s next you don’t know. You are totally blank. To answer all your queries, I will try and explain you it in very simple ways. Before you read information and try to understand, it is very important for you to know that Karma has got nothing to do with any religion, gender, class or any institution ideology or even any individual/identity. It is experience of a life. It is force that guides all the existing life to follow a path to live a healthy, prosperous and a peaceful life.

Understanding karma is a best healing method! For an instance you can observe the animals living around you, who do not take food from you. They depend on nature for their food and living.  Follow them and 90% of your ailments will be removed. Some ailments have come to you from ancestral lineage. To some extent you have chances to get rid of them. Chances of overriding are more over getting rid. So its a Bhakti yoga with which you can get rid of ailments that have come to you from ancestral lineage. Here word Yoga is actually word yog in Sanskrit. Yog or word yoga does not meant physical asanas or postures. Its literal meaning is bit difficult it explain in English but it is kind of an instance or opportunity or a moment in between those words.

When we are  born, we are already born under debts. We owe to mother earth, we take first breathe,  so in the Bhartiya sanskriti ( I won’t say Hindu practices ) we have a practice of first thanking to every possible energy that is responsible for our existence in this material world. It is an opportunity to give back! Our soul is always considered to be immortal and it just keeps recycling from one life to other. Our roles and responsibilities, once we take birth are already fixed, it is up to an individual on which path is to be followed to achieve it. It is said that you just do your ‘Karmas –  Do what your role demands you to do with a sense of responsibility’ rest all will be taken care by the universe and its energies. Walk on the path and play your role in such a way that you escape from this cycle of death and rebirth and achieve ‘Moksha’.  For those who are not from bhartiya sanskriti or sabhyata will find this bit difficult to understand but very simple and practical in reality.

Karma has its own effects. Karma multiplies! It goes out good 1% from you and it will return back to you in form for 99%good. When? How? In what form no one will come to know. With experience yes you can identify that is happening with you. It is like a good wave originated from you, if it hits to a good energy it returns to you and in expanded form. Amplitude when you sent the wave was small. By the time it reflected and returned, it got added amplitude from the surface it reflected towards you.  Similarly for bad karma if follows same 1:99 ratio and path.Karma is associated with a soul and not physical body. What decisions mind and body takes are part of physical world but when body and mind together constitutes and act as a responsible soul it is karmic role! 

For this one must achieve satisfaction in its life. In materialistic world it is nearly impossible to do so. For example we see some people are born in poverty those are not exposed to all the sophistication or all the amenities no proper education, family with abusive language, criminal background, violence around. Yet they happen to be good people. They do understand what is good and bad and can take their roles and responsibilities in much better ways. On the other hand there are people who are born and brought up with silver spoon in mouth.  In well educated families, have a better life, better teachings, undergo a good upbringing yet they end up doing some unpleasant acts for societies. One cannot decide where to take birth in poverty and sufferings or on the prosperous part of spectrum but one can always make a choice on where to stay for rest of its life. These are all considered to be packages that one carries from previous life. One cannot know what package he/she has with itself, but can always observe a trend on what is happening, as the life advances.

Removing ill effects from previous life karma’s, is a very important aspect at the same time walking on right path in current life is also an important aspect. In life you will always find that there are different ways in achieving one goal. Some have habit of taking short cuts. Some have habit of using others shoulder to climb the ladder of success and so on. At the same time we can see sincerely hardworking people. Here question is not, who is reaching where? It is, what choices you make in life. It is my personal experience that if I try to escape a problem by just avoiding it. Saying, “leave it! I can’t do it”. It comes back in different form and in much bigger ways. Positive effects of good karma will be part of good healthy life at the same time suffering as a negative part of karma. How do we dissolve this negative energies form our life, that are package of previous life? How do we  inherit only good in next generation? Inheritance is never selective weather it will take only good and not bad. Karma will inherit EVERYTHING. Their are certain ways that can remove these negative energies from your entire lineage. How do we dissolve negative effects of karma in the previous life or ill effects of past life karma? Firstly you will experience tremendous sufferings. May it be health issues from one family member to other or financial issues . There might be continuous clashes at home or at place or any kind of issues which doe snot give stability but a constant agitation in life and mind. These are Bhakti yoga, Kirtan yoga and Daan dharama. Please note here dharma means not to be misunderstood as religion, but it is a right way to do an act. Dharma means a path on which we as human being has to follow. Dharma can also be interpreted as an righteous act which needs no justification. One who does it, knows what are the circumstances? what to do? What will be its impact? So it always has a option in your hand. If you are feeling bored, it has nothing to do with others or your surrounding. It is ones mental ability to be peaceful and joyful at all the stages of life. No matter what surrounds you.

In simple ways Bhakti yoga says devote yourself in a deity. Now again this deity is not any god or goddess or an idol worship. It is passion that everyone has in its life. Devote yourself in it in such a way that you reach to utmost depths of it to, utmost height of it. Then you realize that there are actually no demarcating boundaries, it is endless universe in itself. While devoting in this passion you forget all your problems, difficulties and just know the one truth and that is supreme knowledge. That is pure and that has only truth. Kirtan is explaining your way of doing Bhakti yoga. How you achieved your ultimate knowledge and what was your path to achieve that. You will really enjoy telling how all the journey was to other seekers. Differences is one is path to achieve which is self driven and other is the path of guidance for followers to achieve it.

Another example is there are people who are most deserving and there are people  who are not worth it. Even if the deserving person tries hard to achieve a good job, good education or good life partner, it sometime fails but the undeserving person without even much efforts is termed to be lucky to get everything much better than they deserve or much better than they ever asked for.  This all effects are  of past life karmas.  One can get rid of those difficulties of life by means of Bhakti and Kirtan Yoga along with daan dharma. The effect of past karmas remain more dominant in ones life than current life karmas. Present will only be a guided path that one chooses consciously as we walk on.

Once your soul experiences achievement of knowledge through your passion and guide other seekers so that they can use your path and achieve their goals in life. At the same time your presence made someone in need satisfy with your presence with your generous spread of light through your wisdom as a payback or returning debt your life sets on a new divine journey and that is journey towards achieving nirvana or ‘Moksha’

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