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Yoga with Kanchan Vikram


Welcome to my website!

I hope you are keeping well. I am a Yoga teacher with my students all around the globe. I teach healing yoga. Age is not a limitation but yes I believe that you must learn yoga from your early childhood. Let me tell you yoga is more than physical it is a mental exercise. If you have lots of questions in mind related to health and wellness please feel free to get in touch with me. I will be the happiest person to help!

While practicing yoga, I had certain experiences which I have not read anywhere or not heard of. Those experiences are a bit different to understand. I am yet trying to define how and why did they happen to me but I believe they are next level of yoga practices. I still continue to practice yoga and teach to my students. Those different experiences keep happening every now and then. I can communicate them only to yog gurus. If you like to hear those experiences please leave a comment and depending upon more number of request I will put a small video on sharing those experiences.

Do what you preach or preach what you do. I firmly believe in this aspect. Whenever I tell some one you can do this or you can do that. I actually practice it myself first and then promote it. How do you define a successful and healthy life? Before reading further I would suggest you to take a pause and answer this question in your mind. Once you are done thinking please move ahead and read what I feel is the correct definition.

Waking up early in the morning, doing routine exercise, managing all the home chores, eating freshly cooked food, ensuring proper timings of meal, ensuring nutrition content and freshness, switching back to traditional Indian cooking, putting daily effort on different level of creativity, mindful practices, controlled social media timing, meditating before sleeping, sleeping on time and waking up fresh. Does that sound simple successful and healthy lifestyle to you?

I would like to hear you definition of being healthy, happy and successful!

Who can do Yoga?

Anyone above age 05 years can do yoga.

How should I start yoga?

Start with basic breathing exercise routines. Slowly add basic simple and slow pace stretches on all the joints. Try to make your spine getting good in posture. Put a check on your eating and sleeping habits. As gradually weeks pass. Try to make your muscles more flexible and elastic. If you maintain consistency then after 3 months then gradually move to Bikram/Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga routine. There are lots of step by step tutorials available free on various platforms. You can also a get a personal trainer either in person or online training.

Why is yoga so boring?

Many people when they start yoga. They start yoga for some health reasons. 90% is for weight loss and toning body. Yoga is a slow but a consistent process. As much time you have taken to put on weight, it should take that much time to reduce it naturally. Yoga not only fixes your health issues but also fixes your lifestyle issues. Our life is always result of choices that we make in life. Whether it is health or success. Todays pace makes you feel that you want everything fast. That is not how it is. It is like rotation of earth. You do not feel it but you feel that so many years went just like that. Yoga is a constant process that flows in its own pace. One must give a minimum of 03 months consistent time to actually understand how Yoga is so powerful and not really boring.

Can ailments be reversed?

Answer is yes! Most of the ailments those are not from birth can be fixed. World of medicine is so advanced that any ailment can be cured or fixed. Todays world mostly has lifestyle related ailments. In order to stay away from medicine try to fix your lifestyle habits. Observe your own family routines and fix all the bad habits that are part of it. It includes sleeping on time. Eating on time. Trying to spend more time on creativity than on entertainment. Do daily exercise and maintain your fitness and energy levels.

How to know if I am healthy?

Best way to find out if you are healthy is how you get up in the morning. A healthy person will naturally getup without being lazy. Get up fresh with energy. Need no supplements to pass motion after getting up. Keep getting creative and happy thoughts.

How do I get healthy?

Being healthy is always by choice. Every person knows what are good and bad things for ones health. If being healthy is by choice. It is all about your state of mind. You always have a choice. People try to invest in health by joining gyms and hiring nutritionist. Still they have lots of health issues. In simple terms I used great investment advisor or a financial planner but still I failed in making better results. It is same ways with your health. If you sleep late night. Eat late night of skip lunch due to meetings. Wakeup late very tired and low in energy not for months but for years. Your body has to go for imbalance. Which neither exercise nor nutritionist is going to help you. These are just main headers of topics. The affects of it will be indiscipline, anger, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and a temporary success. You always know the result of choices that you are making so choose health over temporary success.

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