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I am Mrs. Kanchan Vikram – Zemse and my blog is about having hair! I am not writing this blog because I have long hair, but just for your information. No dermatologist’s is going to tell you this information that you will be reading here. To know about who I am, what is my education background and what all I do you can refer to my LinkedIn profile or connect with me on my Facebook page Yoga with Kanchan Vikram.

Hair fall, early graying of hair, baldness, frizzy hair, oily scalp, dry scalp, dandruff, itchy scalp, breaking hair. If these are your problems then please stop here read all the information and then think of visiting dermatologists. Any kind of hair problem is symptom towards your internal health.

You may read lots of blogs of home remedy, watch some videos on it also try some online products or procedures. Before even taking any step in this direction you need to check this few steps. Give your self a chance to heal naturally. If your situation is out of following then go ahead to visit a dermatologist.

I would like to give you some understanding before you jump to any conclusion. If you see how a child is very active eats on time sleeps on time stay happy and physically exhausts itself and stay happy. The food that we give to a baby is very simple easy to digest not full of spices, tastes and flavors. These same things are applicable on everyone. There is an alteration of our routine and hence we need to keenly identify and observe. Also, if you have any friend or a relative working in pharmaceutical company, try and suggest your know medicines to them. They will tell you “We know what goes in that medicine so we don’t use it or take it”. So please do not go to a physician’s advice to get those same drugs recommendations. Who knows what side effects it may have!

Following are some observations that you can do

1. Are you eating proper food on time? Proper food is lots and lots of vegetables, salads seasonal fruits in abundance, not tin food frozen food, tetra packs, preserved foods. Freshly cooked warm food.

2. No carbonated drinks at all.

3. Proper 8 hours sleep.

4. When you wake-up early morning, you empty your stomach from solids and liquids easily.

5. Hydrate yourself with at least 3-3.5 liters of water on a normal weather day.

6. Walking/Running or Any type of exercise where your full body head to toe sweats and flushes out dirt and toxins.

7. No smoking.

8. After every 2 days, hair wash.

9. Once a week scalp oil massage.

10. Less styling and laboratory products application on hair.

11. Regular Breathing exercise

12. Timing of all the above activity is very important.

If any of the single step is not done from above, then definitely you do not need a doctor/physician’s advice on medicines.

You need to fix your habits only. Unfortunately, what we see on screen is not what it is exactly. We see celebrities look so good every time, well groomed, well dressed and picture perfect but the truth is they maintain their health and fitness perfect. There are nutritionist constantly working behind their daily dosage of nutrition intake in body. There are fitness instructors who take care of their physique and fitness. They do perform hard workout sessions to maintain themselves. So, first rule is taking extra good care of yourself along with family that you live with.

Hair care in short:

“Keep your hair clean and use your own comb. Wash your comb when you wash your hair.”

Elaborate hair care:

Irrespective of what is your age, gender, race or religion you will agree with me that every one likes to have beautiful hair. Everyone cares about their hair and always style it in a best way they can. It’s a mere fashion that if someone asks you

“Describe the type of hair that you would like to have?”

I am sure that most of you would like to have Silky soft and straight hair. Curly, black, blonde, long will also be few of your options but at some point, of time you would agree with me. No matter however it is, you would say I want, hair on my head. I believe that, the type of hair that anyone has is perfect for its face cut. Making change to its natural look can be good for some time but, nothing can beat the natural beauty. There are various reasons that early graying, dandruff, split ends, oily scalp, thinning or hair fall can be caused due to several reasons. One must first try and find the cause why it is happening. If you are able to identify the issue you can resolve your own hair problems. Here I am putting down simple routine for managing your hair in a day to day life. Slowly will differentiate it for different issues of hair and how you can tackle them. If you follow these basic routines that is relevant to your hair problem I can assure you that you don’t need any medicines for the same.

Normal Routine:

Wash your hair in every two days. Whenever you wash your hair put your head down and wash it once neck to upwards. Then face up and wash it second time. Direction – You need to wash scalp to tip of your hair. Massage scalp to outward direction along the hair length. Your fingers should be gentle at the roots of the hair and not very vigorous or harsh. When you are applying shampoo for second time it should create good lather of foam. Rinse your hair nicely Avoid direct application of conditioner to scalp. Rinsing your hair nicely is most important. Any product other than natural coconut oil should be washed off nicely and avoid it to stay for longer time on your head.

Wash your hair always at the time of taking shower or bath. First head wash and then rest of bathing process. If you have short length of hair single towel can work for you. Else use a separate towel for drying hair. According to weather conditions you can allow your hair to dry naturally. For cold countries you may need a hair dryer. I have long hair. After washing my hair. I do not use hairdryer in any season. I wrap myself with a thick scarf over shoulder, back and lower back. SO, loose hair is on scarf and my dress does not get wet. You can avoid using hair dryer, detangle liquids/sprays, heat protect sprays as much as possible. For combing you must use a clean comb or brush whatever it is. Logic is if you wash your hair, wash your comb or brush.

Keep multiple combs with your always…

Whenever I suggest this option to person who asked me some tips on hair management, they say, “who is going to do all this every time?” So, what I suggest is keep at least 6 combs with you. Keep at least 2 washed combs in a bag/purse, two in your dressing table and so on. So, if tomorrow you are going to wash your hair change the comb one night before going to sleep from your vanity bag/dressing table etc. I believe that now a day every person has an individual comb for themselves.

I don’t share my comb..

Unlike olden days where friends or family members sharing one single comb and get scratchy and dirty scalp. If you are still practicing the comb sharing, you are soon going to have dandruff oily scalp and eventually lead to a hair fall. Now a day’s hair salon, may it be men’s or for women you can carry your own ‘Tail comb, Dog Comb or brush and ask them to use the same. I would prefer to go to only those parlors who practice such a routine. You must be demanding on your hygiene aspect as it will lead to a global practice! Generally, ladies they do practice for themselves but somehow men try and skip these kinds of practices. You must consider the adverse effects of it. At the same time, they feel that they can just a quick hair wash and get rid of it. Trust me common combs have lots of problems that you may carry and have unnecessary problem for your hair. Post drying your hair try and detangle hair slowly as the roots of your hair have already loosened. They can easily get uprooted. For long hair first detangle outer part or at the length and then slowly reach to scalp portion. If you let your hair naturally dry put a thick scarf on shoulder in between your clothing and hair so that your dress does not make your backbone feel cold. If you work in office environment with usage of air conditioning and you are sitting with damp hair and cold backbone it may lead future problems. This is just a normal day to day routine that you can follow.

Before entering kitchen…

Now suppose you are waking up and going in to kitchen for cooking make sure that you comb your hair and roll and tie them up. Open hair is a bad practice from cooking point of view. People with dandruff or dry scalp needs to brush on their clothes in bathroom, before entering the kitchen. Keep a sticker roller which is handy to use. Sticker roller is also known as lint roller. It is available in pet food section in any super market. Post combing your hair, irrespective of your are men or women sticker roller must be used all over shoulder, back, below arms area, hips and legs. Quick roll to remove fallen hair strand from your dress.

Styling too much…

Avoid styling your hair as much as possible. Avoid using heat resistant spray or styling spray. To remove anything that is applied to your hair, put oil on the loose section and shampoo it nicely. For general friends meetup or get-together there is no need to style your hair. In summer best option is tie your hair. Even in day to day routine best is tie your hair resting above your head. All celebrities appear flaunting their hair on screen but off screen they take extra care not only of their hair but entire body.

Secret trick: For long hair best option is tie two plats center portioned When at home. If you want to go out make center partitioned two small buns. it really saves your hair from everything.

Product selection…

Any product that has special aroma avoid it. Less sticky oil, now how is that possible? If the product says strong in its description avoid it. You must be getting confused then what should I use. At first place do not keep changing the product or brand that suits you well. Select some brands those are old in this field. There should not be any fragrance or extra strength kind of products written on it. You can always check its pH value.

Heavy water /Mineral rich water…

Heavy water or mineral rich water is basically it has lots of natural salt varieties dissolved in it. Due to which water cannot dissolve any more products in it. Result of which scum or layer is deposited on body or vessels. No lather can be crated. Mostly areas those keep fetching too much of groundwater can have such water. Also if the ground aquifers are rich in minerals they can also seep in to water and create hard water or heavy water. If you leave in a region where you receive heavy mineral water then it is really a tough situation I must say. It will never give you satisfaction of washing hair, taking bath or even using it for cooking, drinking or washing purpose. How to identify if you receive this kind of water in your place? Basically, you can see a film of white layer getting deposited on washed vessels, shower area even washed clothes will not appear bright. Water can be salty in taste.

For domestic purpose water with dissolved salts and minerals in it, is ideally a bad situation.. It will affect your health both internally and externally. When you boil water and just move alum bar over it, dissolved minerals get precipitated at the bottom. Leave the water still and post settlement of minerals you can use the water. For heating water solar water panel is the best solution. Any system you use for treating water you need maintenance of plumbing system as dissolved minerals will start creating a film over surfaces. It is still a better option to spend on material than body in the sense of experimenting. Many of my friends who live in southern India suggest me that they use mineral or bottled water for washing their hair. Firstly, it’s a costly method plus you are just treating only appearance part. The internal effects will be more as you must get potable water for all your domestic needs.

Ayurvedic products:

In India more herbal products are always practiced in routine. The ayurvedic products are not only used by princely people but also used by common people. Ayurvedic practices are not new, these are time tested (more than 5000 years) and proven best practices till date. Coconut oil, shikakai, reetha, amla, hibiscus, brahmi, henna these are know names for hair care. Whereas nagamotha, kapur kachli, bavchi, jathamukhi, are few of them. I have posted these pictures on few of them #03kanchan Instagram account. Ayurveda gives you a way for art of living. Name an ailment and Ayurveda has a solution to it. You can find lots of information on internet about these herbs with images. The preparations and combination are also studied and well documented in Ayurveda to produce best results. I will be providing more information on such Ayurvedic products and its benefits and how to use them in day to day life.

I used shikakai a lots in my childhood. My mother used to prepare hair washing mixture with few of the above ingredients(tedious task to prepare with basic equipment). Along with his she used dried hibiscus flowers (red), reetha is natural soap, washed and dried orange skins. I used to find it difficult to use shikakai as washing hair with powdered form is difficult. Shikakai is terrible if it enters your eyes. you will keep scratching your eyes badly. They become red and sore. This is one of the only reason it is not widely used now. Even if you get salon washed the powder remains in hair and spreads all over while combing. Trust me, any of the product that you have ever used no matter how expensive or which high-end brand you might have used for your hair care. You will never get this softness to your hair! what shikakai does. The quality of hair is totally different, top class quality. Unlike other children, I never had this lice or any other problem for my hair. Also there is a nice fragrance that lasts long in the hair.

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Good hair is sign of good health.

During fall season you may experience that your hair falls a lot. This is not something to worry about its good that your body is in perfect synchronization with nature. Certain times during certain medication you may experience terrible hair fall. SO, once your medication is done try to bring your normal routine back. Your hair will be normal. It is a practice that when you are unwell or fallen sick you take more sleep food on proper timing so as you need to follow your medicines on time. Eat only healthy and fresh food options. Why not follow this routine in your day to day life and stay fit throughout? Stop complaining about hair loss, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol or frequent cough and cold. If you are not following your routine then you are naturally falling for this all diseases which are very common to everyone. This is what we all know but will never take a step towards it. So, I must say before reading this blog you all knew the solution to your problems but you still want someone else to convince that your practices are wrong.

Best practice for good hair ( and health)

  • Eat well (fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits, drink lots of water)
  • Sleep on time
  • Keep a routine of exercise where you will sweat from head to toe.
  • Keep Good thoughts and be Good to all.
  • Your body is home where you live nurture it with good habits and you will feel your life is blessed.

If you felt this all I knew it. Then just start implementing it in your day to day life.

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