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Educate Yourself

Education is only a important tool in society which is useful and increases when shared. At the same time it is waste if it is kept with one person. If you have missed schooling at early age of life. No problem here is the completing cycle for you. There are different stages which you can go step by step and try and understand things in easy languages. Every individual is different. You capability of doing certain things will be different than others. Certificate cannot say how much knowledge you have and how capable are you to perform your roles using those activities. The statement should not be considered otherwise. It is just to inspire you to explore and learn beyond the limits. Knowledge is never sufficient more you learn more you should have thirst to gain it more. It cannot be a set syllabus and set exam that you appear and achieve something. It is a vast ocean where you cannot fully measure its capacity, volume or power. I am preparing an education system while anybody and everybody who is seeking to learn will find some or the other information to learn while those who wish to be a teacher or author can post with their valuable educational material on my website and be the part

What do you need?

What all you need for preparation of competitive exams?… Read More What do you need?

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Most appropriate solution for Covid 19 situation.

My blog is to think of solution and not just sit and wait for someone to think of solution. Making mistake is OK! but Not learning from it, is bigger mistake! But we have all ready paid huge price for the mistake. In the form of losses in life and then in global economy. Our war is not with each other but it is with unseen warrior. The early we identify it better will be for us to handle it with no more losses.… Read More Most appropriate solution for Covid 19 situation.

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Earthquake and its measures! Depreme

Hi all, I am Mrs. Kanchan Vikram – Zemse. I am a Geologist. I would like to tell you some facts of Earthquake. I have picked stuff from internet to make you understand (layman language) how does it occurs and most importantly how to be safe. This presentation is just for education and understanding purpose.… Read More Earthquake and its measures! Depreme

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