Untold story of Capadocia/Katpatukya/Kapadocia

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I am writing my first blog from various travel experiences. As mentioned in my bio, I prefer to write about natural places that I visit and share my experience in detail, with all the readers. This will help you to have a virtual view of my experiences and may inspire you to plan a trip to Cappadocia, Turkey. I will ensure to include information about local cuisines, culture and heritage as well. One thing I would like to tell you about Turkey is, any place any time of the year you visit you cannot resist clicking pictures. May it be a sea side or a köy/village or beautiful houses around the city or cats and yes people greeting you, Merheba! Hoshgeldeniz! Your visit here will always be full of beautiful memories of soothing scenic views in your mind, cameras will be full of beautiful pictures that will cherish with you through your lifetime. Value to money, always worth it!

Activities that can be done here…

Cappadocia is one of the most famous tourist destinations not only in Turkey but also in the world. Depending on your interests you can visit this place. If you like to see beautiful valleys, yes it can be visited, if you like to visit archaeological sites yes Cappadocia is famous for its amazing huge underground cities which is also in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, if you want to see extinct volcano and its amazing past geological activities, yes you can visit this place, if you are fond of seeing varied flora, fauna, collecting crude semi-precious gemstones you are in the perfect destination. This place is well known for its extraordinarily fascinating landscapes, hills mountains, river cutting valleys with of course association of rich history with it. This is the reason that the place is always in the wish list of geologists, archaeologists, historians, nature enthusiasts, photographers and travelers.

The name Cappadocia is derived from its ancient Persian origin as ‘Katpatukya’ meaning “Land of Beautiful Horses” as mentioned by our tour guide. The area has experienced various civilizations in different phase of time. I visited this place in the month of October, 2016. As you can see in pictures it had both the shades, green and yellow. If you research on internet about capadoccia what do you find?

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  1. Well depicted & narrated about Turkey. Good luck for all your upcoming ventures.

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