All my reader friends. I wish you all are doing well! Here is a quick blog of my Bodrum visit. As you all know very well Bodrum is one of the Turkey’s hot destination for holidays. Almost all the Turkish people living in big cities have a second home in Bodrum. Summer time Istanbul is empty with locals and full with Tourists from all around the globe. Let me tell you this one thing entire southern coast of Turkey is amazingly beautiful. There are lots of holiday options that you may like to choose. Either book a hotel along the coast by the seas and just relax or take a boat/gullet trip or get on to a luxurious cruise and cover beautiful destinations. All the places you go you will get to see blue Mediterranean coast.

Why Turkey?

Compared to other European destinations Turkey is really a cost effective destination and is worth its beauty spending your holiday in exploring Turkish history, culture, food and of course beautiful places which are well connected around.

Today with the help of multiple resources our life is much better with all the facilities and choices to make. To travel you can take flight from Istanbul with multiple options like Anadolu Jet Atlas Global  Pegasus  Turkish Airlines  and many more. Either you can choose cheapest rate or fastest journey or a luxurious journey as per your choices. You also have a cheapest choices over taking a public road transportation Obilet Bus app and site  or may be if you are found of driving long destinations, rent a car and drive yourself through all the beautiful corners of Turkey. Only thing is use multiple map options and verify if the destination in Map is showing correct location. On the way fuel and maintenance options. As few of my friends used to rented a car and drove in alternate turns and share the cost of fuel on the way. Most of the times these rented car used to get some technical maintenance issues. Make sure you are aware of this aspect to fix some basic problems yourself if stuck in middle of no were!  At the same time you have multiple options to stay in an  Air Bnb  Pansion hotel,  Couch surfing from 2 star to 5 star hotels to stay. All you need is just to make a plan, fix a budget, fix your travel dates, bring your friends who like to go with you on holiday and just pack your bag and step out.

If you makeup a plan much earlier then life is lot more easy for you. You may get to book hotels in cheaper rates get flight tickets on cheaper rate and mostly everything will be available. During the holiday season everything is pretty expensive. Ordinary holes will ask you for 5 star hotel rates where you would not have any option than booking it. At the same time if you are making pre bookings all you need to do is get a room specifications mentioned e-mail with number of people what all is included and everything about your stay with proper dates mentioned on it. Some of the hotels they do make some errors where you my end up having problem. Now a days hotel make bookings on just your credit card details. Also if you have booked hotel in foreign currency make sure to fix the exchange rate and the cost to pay at the time of your stay. Most of the hotels they provide lavish breakfast, lunch and dinner with all inclusive packages. If you do not get such hotels no need to worry about this as there are lots of restaurants and cafes that operated in almost all the areas and provide good food through. For those who are vegetarian and are looking for understanding on what to eat and what not to eat. Soon I will be posting a detailed blog as well as a small video for education to give information. In short, you have lots of variety of options on food to choose so you have absolutely no need to worry about this.

My holiday was just a relaxing holiday with a short escape from Istanbul city. We stayed at Le Blanche Island Bodrum Website of hotel we stayed. which is a lavish hotel to stay. We had booked a pick and drop facility form airport. We got a nice Mercedes Vito van that was very cozy and luxurious too. Bodrum is full of hotels of your choice. Mostly people stay in the area near marina but there are lot more other areas in the Bodrum which are calm quite and secluded. This entire hotel is a huge island which has all its facilities and self sufficient. You don out need to go out for anything. As you enter the hotel it has huge lobby that gives you a touch of turquoise and blend of elegance. This hotel has seven different restaurants which keeps your taste buds and stomach busy and happy switching between times.  There are four and half outdoor swimming pools which is my favorite part and one indoor pool. You can literally play in any of the pool. The landscape is well designed in such a way that with the back drop of seas you have blue pools to enjoy. They have well maintained lawn tennis court, table tennis disco hall for entertainment in the evening. Thought the day after breakfast there are continuous activities that keep you busy every time. Starts with some Yoga session.  There is entertainment team that keeps you engaging in all the activities like water volley ball, pétanque game, also some surf board games to be played in swimming pool which is fun to be part of it. I used to swim, eat and take a nice sleep besides the pool or beach, which is best part of the holiday. Once you get bored with this activity then you are actually refreshed to do more. There is a full perimeter walk on the entire island which is best in early morning. You need to be careful as all the flowering plants are full of honey bees. I felt really happy in filming them and had best time. During month of May Turkey is still bit cold. If you want the early summer holiday before crowd starts gathering take a holiday break before summer starts or after summer is ending around November.  Food and drinks served were pretty good. hotel staff is always around you and they take good care of premises. Around every premises there is a washroom and changing room. You can sped good vacation in this type of hotels. The one best part was giant slides on the pool that was thrill and good exercise to climb and slide into water. I am still scared to do that.

Bodrum holiday is not a activity holiday. It is just to eat, drink, swim sleep and make new friends and get refreshed from your routine activities. Soon I am planning a holiday which will be updated in fresh new blog. If you liked my blog, do let me know. If you have any suggestion questions or any feedback please feel free to write to me. I will be more than happy if my information is helpful in some way or the other.

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My this trip was combined with Pamukkale trip. So first we visited Pamukkale and then planned to rest in Bodrum. Stay tuned to my blog posts updates. With my research on my travel trips,  I got to visit yet another Pamukkale exposure which is same terraces but underground. To know about it keep reading all my blogs.





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